by Pizzasgood

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This is Wheels, the story of a normalish guy named George and his efforts to defend the city of Forchester from the wretched forces of scum and villainy. The story is updated weekly with one chapter posted every Friday, and it should run for a total of 20-30 chapters. As far as content goes, it should be fine for teens and up, but YMMV.

Note: This is a rough draft; there may be jarring bits, inconsistencies, and even retcons (though I'll try hard to avoid those). I intend to publish a revised final copy as an ebook sometime after I finish, so if you'd rather wait and buy the higher quality version, I totally understand. The main reason I'm releasing the rough draft in serial format like this is to keep me motivated and productive. Otherwise I'd probably get halfway through and then wander off to play Fallout or Dwarf Fortress, leaving the story unfinished forever. Doing it this way adds a certain amount of accountability. It is through the glorious power of guilt that I will complete this task!

For those of you who do read along with me as I write the rough draft, please feel free to discuss things in the comments (but do try to restrict discussion within a chapter's comments to only that chapter and the ones before, to avoid spoilers). Criticism and typo-reports are both welcome. I don't bite unless you do. :P