crazy aardvark
Another product of boredom. One day I just put my hands on the keyboard and let my consciousness stream all over the place. IMHO, this is my greatest literary work ever. :P
crazy aardvark

crazy aardvark on the ground
runs around but makes no sound
jumps off a tightrope wire
eats big pumpkins then breaths fire
makes him cold, he then melts
messes up expensive pelts
reformed out of sight of men
he hops a bus then studies zen
turns DJ then spins some thread
runs and flips and earns street cred
wears baseball caps and funny ties
licks an onion, is very wise
has momentum, never stops
often leaps over heads of cops
hijacks car to get some food
finds the Zerg, eats the brood
grows freaky wings and lots of slime
but also scented like a lime
soars through space without much haste
arrives at place, sells tooth paste
ducks and quacks when sniper shows
pushes button, big he grows
steps on Zordon, ticks off Zedd
all that lime went to his head
trips and falls and makes fell trees
shrinks and floats and has no fleas
sees the candy on the floor
checks to see if troll at door
rule expired, still tastes good
sings backwards because he could
confuses the puppet but gets a job
the master was busy training a slob
fills out forms then reboots mac
makes a mess, pops tic-tac
fired on Tuesday but just skips on
jumps a rope then takes a pawn
wonders that dolphins aren't marines
charts his life with tangerines
then knows his mullet cannot last
so chases a car deep into the past
rants and raves and teaches class
shows the dinos how to use their mass
wrestles with sharks and swats big bugs
takes the rock, chisels some mugs
fills them with lots of juice
grinds up flowers to paint them puce
decides he misses modern ice-cream
rips dimensional hole with loud scream
arrives by a Z-fighter, shares some grub
plays some janken, escapes the dub
joins long quest, makes a wish
appears back home with lots of fish
digs a pond, sells them to cats
makes some dough, cooks in vats
beats some eggs, plays some beats
lathers, rinses, and repeats

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