Muliuser Puppy
This is Multiuser Puppy revision 3, a derivative of Puppy Linux.

The basic idea with this was to take a stock Puppy 4.2.1 and make the modifications needed to allow it to be used as a limited user, instead of root. I refrained from making any improvements that were unrelated to this in order to minimize the descrepancy. My goal was primarily to prove that it was possible, and to show exactly how to do it. This way other people can build off of this version, or follow my directions to make a new one based of a newer (or older) version of Puppy.

Currently, the most detailed information about Multiuser Puppy is availible from my two threads on the Puppy Forum. I will eventually post it here, but for now, here are the links:
Multiuser Puppy 4.2.1
How to Build a Multiuser Puppy

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