Pizzapup 1.0.5
pizzapup105.iso (71 MB)
NOTE: Saves to pup015 instead of pup001

This is Pizzapup 1.0.5, a derivative of Puppy Linux. It is aimed at making me happy, not making everybody happy. If it makes you happy, great, but world peace is not its goal. There is no perfect Puppy for everybody, so this tries to fill a more specific niche. The standard Puppy is limited in appearance to save on size, whereas many of the fancier Puppies are very large with things like Open Office and Wine. Pizzapup falls in between, with good appearance and general functionality, while remaining below 99MB in size. Sure, it's missing Open Office, but Abiword and Gnumeric are much faster and far smaller.

+Uses pup015 to keep cool with other pups
+Rox 2.3
+Nicer GTK theme
+Firefox 1.0.7
+Volume Icon
+Cool non-peach backdrop by RetroSushi from
+Several icon updates (especially the mut icon on the pinboard)
+Can you say "Alpha-transparant cursor?"
+HackyRemaster version 2
+Saveable Pupget
+Various bugfixes (Wizardwizard, patch, etc...)
+Removed Mozilla and JWM
+Burniso2cd roxapp
+Abiword dictionaries
+Wireless drivers (on the cd, not image.gz)
+IceWM themes (on the cd, not image.gz)
+About 71 megabytes

For more information, see the forum post announcing it.

missing-image: /art/logos/mine/slice.svg