Pizzapup 3.0: A.T.E. (About Time Edition)
pizzapup-3.0.iso (95 MB)
NOTE: Uses pza_300.sfs and pza_save.3fs

This is Pizzapup 3.0, a derivative of Puppy Linux. It is aimed at making me happy, not making everybody happy. If it makes you happy, great, but world peace is not its goal. There is no perfect Puppy for everybody, so this tries to fill a more specific niche. The standard Puppy is limited in appearance to save on size, whereas many of the fancier Puppies are very large with things like Open Office and Wine. Pizzapup falls in between, with good appearance and general functionality, while remaining below 99MB in size. Sure, it's missing Open Office, but Abiword and Gnumeric are much faster and far smaller.

So, what does Pizzapup 3.0 have to offer? For starters, all the benefits of Puppy Linux, including small size, extreme speed, simplicity, and durability. Pizzapup adds optional encryption, Mplayer, Xmms, Firefox, Rox 2.5, XDG menus, and IceWM. It also defaults to a nicer GTK theme and provides a number of alternates (Including both fancy and simple, in case of a fast or slow machine). There is a number of IceWM themes and several wallpapers included. The icons have also swapped out for nicer ones, mostly from the bctangokde set, which is based on tango (but orange :D ). If you right-click on the white-space in a Rox-Filer window, choose "options", and go to the "types" tab, you can change icon themes. I've included multiple colorschemes of the icons in case you don't want orange. Mplayer and Xmms also come with several themes each. Also, I changed the cursor to the Yellowdot theme.

This version also includes a Save-file-wizard (under 'control-panel') that can create, encrypt, and decrypt save-files. There is a Defaults-wizard that makes changing the default* files easier (such as defaultaudioplayer or defaulttexteditor). PSI, 3DCC, Graphburn 0.7, and Zmixer are all included.

Firefox comes preloaded with some Puppy bookmarks, the flash (7) plugin, and mplayerplug-in. A note about mplayerplug-in: if you close Firefox while video or audio is loading, it will crash. You're closing it anyway, so it isn't a big deal, but the "report error" box is annoying (and ugly). You can change or close the tab, or browse away. It only happens when closing Firefox itself.

If the gui for Mplayer doesn't work, try this dotpup. It will remove the version Pizzapup comes with and install Mplayer 1.0pre-8 (originally packged by tempestruous I think, in the mplayer108.pup or something similar). REPLACER_mplayer-108.pup

Pizzapup 3.0 comes with SDL and 3DCC pre-installed. Note: It includes 3DCC, not the drivers. You run 3DCC and use it to download them. Also note: along with Puppy's normal SDL pupgets I also included sdl_image, which they don't include.

I replaced Barry's GTK theme changer with MU's. I kept the original GTK themes that Puppy includes, in addition to the ones I added (all except Delightfully-Smooth and G26 have "Smooth-" preceeding the name).

I removed Dillo (replaced with HV3 apha 13), Seamonkey (except certain libraries), Inkscapelite, uXplor, GTK-See, JWM, and Gxine, among other minor things. You should be able to reinstall them through pupget, but I can't guarantee there won't be issues (Inkscapelite, for example, doesn't play well with the Smooth-GTK engine, but will work with non-smooth themes).
More Info
These are basically my notes from when I was making Pizzapup. They are unedited, so don't expect neat, concise, or organized. For clarification, feel free to PM me on the Puppy Linux forums.
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Philosophy behind Pizzapup
Simply put, Pizzapup is my sandbox. It is not intended to be the standard Model-T, but instead a concept car. I use it to see what Puppy and I can do, with hopes that some of the expiriments will filter back into the standard Puppy if they're successful. It is also to show that a small OS is not weak and ugly, but instead highly efficient. The bloat of Vista disgusts me. Many people have the idea that an OS needs to be bloated to be useful. That is the exact opposite: A bloated OS is useless. Others have the idea that a good looking OS must be bloated. This is more true than with functionality, but still wrong. Pizzapup 3.0 is 95 MB, including extra themes (I'm a firm believer in choice and personalization). For the most part, it looks better than XP, and far better than 98. It's also many times smaller than both. And it even recognizes my roommate's harddrive (Take that XP :D ). [/rant]
A note on future Pizzapup versions
I'm in college, so I don't have time to churn these out even half as fast as Barry ;) What I plan to do is continually add bits and peices to my local version, and when it has accumulated enough I'll clean it up and call it a new version. I'm not going to follow any specific schedule either. I have other projects that need some attention, so I'll just be working on Pizzapup on the side. Like I said, it's my sandbox, not a whole version. Besides, it'll still be a faster cycle than Windows ;)
I'd like to thank the folling for their contributions:
Barry: for Puppy, Unleashed, and promoting individual experiments
John Doe, kirk, and PaulBx1: For the encryption stuff (I created the wizard myself, but the /sbin/init mods were their work)
NathanF: Graphburner
Rarsa: XDG menus
MU: MU-GTK-themechooser, 3DCC, PSI, and hosting, among many other things
GuestToo: Rox 2.5, some IceWM themes, much other misc stuff
Theforkofjustice: For testing Mplayer until your computer fried ;)
Wow: That small Puppy banner that I used as a template for my Pizzapup banner
Whodo: The two Almond Xmms themes
Tometo: For the wallpaper (I just removed the version number, otherwise it's unedited)
Peeps at Devient Art: Most of the other wallpapers
Everybody I'm forgetting: Whatever you did
Everybody else: Inspiration, encouragement, random scripts and support, etc.

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