Feeling curious/stalkerish today? Then this is the page for you! I felt bored one day so I typed a bunch of stuff to temporarily satisfy anyone as bored as I was. Enjoy :)
About Me
I grew up on a farm about fifteen minutes away from even a small town (population ~90), and 40 minutes away from anything that could be called a city. I went to college at Georgia Tech down in Atlanta, graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering, and now I live in Knoxville. I listen to darn near every genre of music, including rock, metal, country, disco, techno, reggea, ska, jazz, some rap, Irish folk, Japanese (both jpop and traditional), and anything involving bagpipes. I also like reading, camping, drawing, playing videogames, programming, making websites, biking, climbing things, jumping off things, snowboarding, building, eating, tinkering, and other stuff I just can't think of off the top of my head. My favorite superhero is and has always been Sonic the Hedgehog, followed in order by Spiderman, Batman, and then Superman. I've broken speed limits on my mountain bike. I could drive a stick-shift since before I had a permit, and I was driving tractors at the age of 13 (I believe I steered my first tractor at the ripe age of three, but that doesn't count). I can probably operate or figure out how to operate just about any piece of machinery you throw at me as long as it doesn't fly, though I would like to take flying lessons someday and build an ultralight. However, I would appreciate it if you refrained from throwing machinery at me. Hospital visits are not fun.

About Browser Load of Coolness
This site originated as a place for me to share my artwork and to store random files. Before I really started making a lot of art for it, I got sucked into Linux and spent a lot of time at the Puppy Linux forums, learning stuff. This place evolved into a place for me to share whatever random stuff I felt like sharing, be it artwork, poetry, or custom versions of Puppy Linux. I was also going to post rants and stuff here (like a blog, but this was before they were known as such) but never got around to it.

This place was also a way for me to exercise my web development skills. It runs on a PHP backend I wrote to parse and format basic XML style pages, so that I wouldn't have to manually add all the code that each page has. (Yeah, I could have used a database, but I prefer flat files in general.) Basically a rudimentary content management system. I didn't quite finish all the fancier features like web-editing, because I got busy with school. Then I realized I was far better at programming than I was when I had started, and the code was a big ugly nasty mess, so I started over. I managed to finish even fewer of the fancier web-editing type parts than I had the last time before getting busy with college and forgetting. :) But all the important stuff - the bits that allow viewers to use the site - were finished and much nicer than the first time. It was mainly things that would have made it more convenient for me to update the site that were lacking.

I have since graduated college and am working toward becomming self employed as a software developer. At the moment I'm only an independent contractor - I work on my own and have a lot of freedom in how and when I work, but I'm still making things for other people, which they then sell or whatever. Long-run, I'd rather work on and sell my own projects. So that's what I'm working toward.

I was thinking I'd retool this site to be my "company" site, but have decided against it. I will eventually set up a separate site for that. Browser Load of Coolness will remain as my personal site. I'm currently in the process of cleaning it up, finishing unfinished projects, and generally just making it less of a chaotic pile of weirdness. When I'm done, this will be where I keep my more creative off-the-wall type stuff. Things I aim to sell will go on the company site, along with the more serious non-profit projects. Pretty much everything that's already here will be staying here, other than MATHoLantern.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggesions, feel use my Feedback Box or send me an email to "webmaster" + (at symbol) + "browserloadofcoolness.com"

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