Pizzapup 3.0.1
pizzapup-3.0.1.iso (95 MB)
NOTE: Uses pza_301.sfs and pza_save.3fs

This is Pizzapup 3.0.1, a derivative of Puppy Linux. This version, 3.0.1, is just a slightly modified form of Pizzapup 3.0 that uses Puppy 2.14 as the base rather than 2.12. So it has PETget and uses the same menu hierarchy as Puppy uses. It also has Firefox rather than With the exception of some minor tweaks here and there, the rest is pretty much identical to Pizzapup 3.0. So, I'm not going to type up a long list of changes or info. Just read over the info on 3.0 I linked to above, and my notes that I'll link to next.
More Info
These are basically my notes from when I was making Pizzapup. They are unedited, so don't expect neat, concise, or organized. For clarification, feel free to PM me on the Puppy Linux forums.
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